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difference between ASK & FSK

difference between ASK & FSK


ASK: Amplitude shift Keying

ASK means Amplitude keying format. This module mode is to adjust the sine waves of amplitude according to different signal. ASK can be realized through multiplier and switching circuit. The carrier wave controls ON and OFF through digital signal of 1 or 0, under the signal of 1, the carrier wave is connected, now there is carrier waves on the transmission channel. Under the signal of 0, there is no carrier waves. On the receiver end, we can restore the digital signal of 1 and 0 according the connect or disconnect of the carrier waves. The bandwidth of the binary amplitude keyed signal is twice the width of the binary baseband signal.

The carrier amplitude of ASK will change according to the modulate signal. The simplest way is the carrier waves connect and disconnect under the control of binary modulate signal, now can we can call ON OFF keying(OOK). Multilevel MASK modulate mode is a transmission method of higher efficiency, but its capability of noise resistance is worse, especially the ability to resist weakness.

FSK: Frequency-shift keying

FSK uses digital signal to modulate the frequency of the carrier wave. It is an quite early modulate method on the signal transmission. Its advantage is its capability of noise resistance and weakness resistance is better. It is widely used in the low speed or middle speed digital transmission. It is a digital modulation technique that uses the discrete value of the baseband digital signal to de-bond the carrier frequency to transmit information.

FSK performances better on noise resistance and weakness resistance. It has higher capability of anti-interfere.

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