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The develop procedure of the high pressure washing device remote control system

The develop procedure of the high pressure washing device remote control system


first version

The request: design a wireless remote control system for the motor of the washing device. The motor is 220VAC working, the distance is 50 meters.

Aim: instant control run and stop of the motor, to prevent its empty running. Description: the motor of the traditional manual control washing device starts running once the car washing begins, it runs continuously until the washing is finished. Actually, only 1/3 of running time is necessary, the other 2/3 time is empty running, it wastes lots of power energy, and shorten the life of the motor too.

During the development, considering the diversity of the motor power, we decided to wireless control the AC contactor, and use this AC contactor to control the power supply of the motor. 220V and 380V AC contactor is optional by the customer freely. Rectangle 9V working remote control PCB with silicon protection to be put inside the washing gun.

According to the feedback, the wireless control system reduce 70% of the power consumption, the life of the motor extended by times. For example: one 7kw motor runs 10 hours a day, it will consume 70 degree of power, now 21 degree is enough by using the wireless control system. If one motor of the car washing center runs 300 days a year, it means 59*300=17,700 degree of power is saved. This is a big expense.

Question feedback: there is high interfere from the big engine of some big vehicles, if there is a big vehicle park next to the car washing center without flaming out, then the signal of the wireless remote control will be blogged. Some more valuable functions are requested: 1. Too high temperature of oil, shut off the power supply to do the protection. 2. Add manual control to prevent the failure of the remote control. Or need to ON or OFF for long time, like road washing. 3.  When the motor runs up to 200 hours, it will remind people to change the engine oil. 4. Voice reminding if there is fault or power ON.

second version

Aim: control the motor under high interfere surrounding, shut off the power supply when the temperature of the engine oil goes too high. Remind people to maintain the motor when it runs up to 200 hours, to prevent the harm to it or scrapping in advance.

During development: High anti-interfere receiver module was adapted in the control system, the signal will be received successfully even 10 vehicles parked one by one without flaming out. Even there are some high power engines running around it, there is no problem with the remote control. Increase the distance up to 120m in the open area to make sure 50 m requested distance. Additional function of power supply detector, temperature sensor, 0.5W speaker and optional manual control.

Using feedback: completely solve the interfere problem, when there is problem on the power supply, or the temperature of the oil goes too high, it will stop running automatically, and voice remind the user to maintain the motor when it collects up to 200 hours.

Question feedback: 1. sometimes, the motor runs long time without any monitoring, the water supply is not good or even no water, the motor is still running, until the power supply or the engine oil has problem. 2. The voice is too low. 3. The user continues to use it even there is voice remind.

third version

Aim: water supply problem shut off protection, when the motor runs up to 180 hours, it will remind to do the maintenance, if collects to 200 hours still no maintenance, shut off the motor. Voice remind when the engine oil temperature too low(in some high cold area , the motor should be heated first before running, or it will damage the motor.)

During development: Add power supply detection, using 2W speaker, high and low temperature remind, all maintenance is made according to the plan.

Using feedback: the design goal achieved. Instant ON/OFF motor, highly save the power consumption, extend the motor life for 3 times. Voice remind when there is problem on the power supply, water supply or engine oil temperature. To prevent using even there is problem. With the voice remind function of collected running 200 hours, it got very good comment from the user. 

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