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The difference between the power adapter and the charger

The difference between the power adapter and the charger


The power adapter and charger are not the same thing.

Power adapters usually provide a voltage source, and most of them are a regulated power supply, good quality DC power adapter has the feature of low voltage fluctuations and low internal resistance.

In order to stabilize the charging, the charger is usually set as a current source. Because the battery is “empty” to “full”, the voltage has a relatively big change. The charging process is a process in which the voltage is continuously raised, and the output current of the charger will not change when the charged battery voltage raises. The charged battery voltage is constantly raised and changed, and the effect of the constant current charging effect can be achieved. Therefore, the internal resistance is large, and the voltage can be changed with the voltage of the charged battery terminal. An excellent charger should also be set to "battery full" to determine that it will automatically stop charging when it reaches full state.

If the battery is charged with a power adapter or a regulated power supply, if the voltage output is not big enough, there will be a situation of insufficient charge; if the output voltage is sufficient, there will be a huge charging current when the battery voltage is low at the initial stage of charging, causing serious damage the battery life, so the charging should use a regular charger, do not use a power adapter or a regulated power supply instead, if the temporary make-up, at least a certain current limiting resistor must be connected, and the internal resistance should be increased to control the charging current is not too high. Of course, the exception is the "adapter" specially made for charging. Like the mobile phone charger, although there is no constant current function, these functions are made inside the mobile phone and not on the adapter.

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