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What is super regeneration

What is super regeneration


Question: What is super regeneration? How does it work?

Super regenerative circuits are also called super regenerative demodulation circuits or super regenerative detection circuits. It's a regenerative detection circuit that works during intermittent oscillations. For wireless remote control or communication equipment operating in a short band, The sensitivity and stability of regenerative detection do not meet the requirements.

However, the sensitivity of super-regenerative detection waves in the 300MHz to 500MHz bands is not bad, can usually reach -98 dBm or more, the difference with the super-heterodyne receiving circuit is not obvious. This is why the receiving module can use super-regenerative circuits at 315mhz and 433.92 MHz. For simple circuits, high sensitivity, for Wireless remote communication equipment with low selectivity and signal-to-noise ratio(e.g., anti-theft products), super regenerative detection circuits are of practical value.

However, its greatest weakness is that its stability is not so good when the external environment changes such as temperature and humidity.

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